Where are our machines manufactured?

The manufacturing will be made in Spain, and only using European forgings and steels. All the assembly of all the components is made in house by our company.

When will the machines be ready to sell in the USA?

The vessels have been developed with the USA in mind. It is only the ASME certification process that is missing to date. As soon as the first machines are running in Europe the vessels will pass the ASME certification process.

What is the delivery time of the machines?

For a start, we can speak of some 9-10 months. Anyway, some long-lead-time components have been ordered for stock and the delivery time could be less than that.

Why in our first 50 liter machine the vessel was designed rotating instead of having a parallel movement?

During its development process the machine was designed to have a rotating vessel instead of a more typical parallel movement. This was because Hiperbaric had this parallel movement patented in Spain. After going to court with technical arguments, Metronics can now design, manufacture and produce machines with parallel movement and input from one side and exit from the other side of the vessel, like the rest of the stablished competitors in the market. From now on, all our machines will have a parallel movement, all except the first 50 liter machine already constructed. Future 50 liter machines will also have a parallel movement.



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